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September 05, 2016
Penang Street Art - The Story Behind The Success

Discovery Overland gave the folks at a grand and intimate tour of Penang recently. Smitten by their experiences here, they have come up with a very interesting write-up about the famous Penang Street Art, and the story behind its success. Below is a snippet of the article:

“Penang Street Art is causing a stir in George Town” said Alan, my guide.

Restored buildings, construction sites, tourists wondering the streets, live music, streets crowded with people! George Town is so different from my last visit in 2012. What has happened?

Tourists walking purposefully in the mid day sun with a smart phone in one hand and a check list on the other. They stand looking carefully at the buildings and recognise something. Tick the box and move on.

Groups on walking tours follow their guides. They stop frequently. The guide explains, photographs and selfies taken and they move on.

Families are cycling in a convoy, weaving through the crowds in the narrow lanes

Click here to read the full article

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