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Discover Rafting Thrills at Kiulu
If you want to test the waters (literally!) in white water rafting, then try the Kiulu rapids which is only 8 kilometres in distance and rates a Grade 1-2 in rafting terms. Located 40 plus kilometres from Kota Kinabalu in the Tamparulli district, the river is also safe for a swim.

The river guide will select an ideal starting point and brief you on safety and the how-tos of equipments and techniques. Rafting down the Kiulu rapids gives you sights of rubber trees, fruit farms, paddy fields and isolated Dusun villages. 

Term & Conditions:
1. All rates are quoted based on SIC (seat in couch) basis with min 2 person.
2. All tours rate quoted based on per person basis with a minimum of 02 persons. 
3. All rates are subject to availability & to change without prior notice.
4. Private vehicle + shared raft
5. Applicable only for the Malaysian and Singapore Market.

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