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Mangrove Swamp Cruise

This tour explores the many branches of the Santubong and Salak River Delta system as they emerge into the South China Sea.   It focuses on the complex ecosystem of the mangrove swamp, which is an important breeding ground for many marine animal species, and a permanent home for small reptiles, mud-skippers, crabs, shellfish, and occasional mammals such as monkeys and lorises. The mangroves are also important feeding grounds for a rich array of bird life. Visitors will see many different types of mangrove, and lean how these uniquely adapted trees colonise the shoreline and develop a complex, symbiotic ecosystem. There will also be a stopover at a Malay fishing village and charcoal factory set deep in the mangrove forest.

Term & Conditions:
1. All rates are quoted based on SIC (seat in couch) basis with min 2 person.
2. All tours rate quoted based on per person basis with a minimum of 02 persons. 
3. All rates are subject to availability & to change without prior notice.
4. Applicable only for the Malaysian and Singapore Market.

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