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Georgetown Night Discovery

As sun sets upon Georgetown, the brisk business and chatter of day make way for lights of hotels, restaurants and watering holes to illuminate Penang Road It is still convivial, at a more relaxed pace as you sit in a trishaw and absorb the atmosphere. After the streets, view the city from on high at the Bayview Georgetown Revolving Restaurant. This 360 degree revolving restaurant has been a standing feature of the hotel since 1970s and you will be enjoying dinner of Asian and Western specialties alongside views of Georgetown at night. 

Trishaw ride & dinner prices are included.

Term & Conditions:
1. All rates are quoted based on private basis with min 2 person.
2. All tours rate quoted based on per person basis with a minimum of 02 persons. 
3. All rates are subject to availability & to change without prior notice.

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